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Copying Code Into a Canvas Essay Quiz Question

The Canvas essay quiz question response box enables test-takers to provide a free-response answer to a quiz question. This works fine most of the time, but if a test-taker uses an interactive development environment (e.g., BlueJ, Spyder, Jupyter) to write code and then tries to copy and paste the code into the response box, often times the indentation will not copy over. Continue reading

Recipe for Feeding Rolly Pollies

I had the privilege this week of being part of a group who received a tour of some of the collections at the Natural History Museum of Utah in Salt Lake City. Great museum!

One of our tour guides was Christy Bills, Invertebrate Zoology Collections Manager. We learned so much from her! Among which is two things about how to feed rolly pollies:

  • Do not feed them grass.
  • Instead, feed them the following mix: damp soil, carrot, pine cone, dried oak leaves.

If you have kids interested in bugs and nature, rolly pollies are fun and interesting to watch and learn about! Hope this helps you keep them alive! 🙂