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Making a Flip Movie Available in Gallery Using iMovie HD

Every now and then I record a video using my Flip and want to make it available to family and friends on my Gallery site. The conventional Flip export formats, and Quicktime Player export formats, however, don’t seem to work for me. I’ve found a workaround using iMovie HD that retains decent resolution:

  1. Start a new iMovie HD project.
  2. Import the video into iMovie HD (File -> Import).
  3. Drag the imported clip into the video timeline.
  4. Select File -> Export.
  5. Select Quicktime, then Expert Settings.
  6. After clicking Share, when the dialog box comes up, select Use: Broadband – High. This will give the following settings: H.264 compression, High quality, 150 key frame rate, 672 kbits/sec bitrate, 480×360 dimensions.
  7. Click OK. That’s it!